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When you need help optimizing all of your vendors, our highly personalized Master Vendor Program (MVP) is your best bet.


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If you are having trouble managing and optimizing multiple vendors, you have probably explored multiple options – MSPs, VMSs, RPOs, etc. However, there is one choice that has proven to be the solution for hundreds of clients, regardless of their size, industry, workforce challenge or budget – an Adecco Master Vendor Program.

What is an Adecco MVP?

Adecco MVP is a high-touch, personal solution that is driven by a solid relationship with your organization and an understanding of the type of talent you need.

With Adecco MVP, you work with a dedicated and local team near your facility or onsite. The team is led by a dedicated account executive who will serve as your single point of contact for all of your staffing needs. Together with a team of experts, the account manager will ensure all processes – from implementation to onboarding to management to offboarding – adhere to contractually agreed upon best practices and maximize efficiency.

How do we optimize your existing suppliers?

Better data, better engagement and better compliance are the pillars of our approach to vendor management.

  • Data management: We leverage our advanced technology to glean visibility into the quality, performance and value of each individual supplier. Using this insight, we track and analyze adherence to established metrics, and we provide detailed reports to you for better decision making.
  • Supplier engagement: We continually and proactively communicate with your supplier base to ensure they are aware of all aspects of your program – expectations, areas for improvement, standardized processes, etc.
  • Vendor compliance: As your single point of contact, your Adecco account executive will ensure compliance with contracts and established service level agreements.

What are the benefits of an Adecco MVP?

An Adecco MVP offers significant enhancements over other contingent workforce solutions, including:

  • Centralized service
  • Enhanced control
  • Consistent service delivery
  • Strategic implementation
  • Tactical program management
  • Uniform communication of policies and procedures
  • Targeted job order distribution
  • Effective data management
  • Innovative technology
  • Cost containment
  • Performance measurement
  • Corporate resources and support

Find out more about how we can manage your vendors and maximize your workforce. Contact us to learn about the Adecco MVP solution. 

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