The American economy is on the rebound. Over 2 million new jobs were created in 2013, and economists predict that millions more are on the way in 2014. However, the new challenge facing companies, and the economy, right now is filling these jobs with people who have the right job skills. That is because the U.S. is facing a severe skills gap.

Our new white paper can fill you in on everything you need to know about the skills gap in order to help you prepare your workforce for success.

Senior executives are minding the skills gap in America.

According to our 2013 State of the Economy and Employment Survey, 92 percent of senior executives in the U.S. acknowledge that there is a serious lack of essential work skills in the country’s workforce today.

How is the job skills gap hurting companies and the country?

The executives we surveyed believe that the U.S. job related skills shortage is hurting U.S. businesses. That’s because corporations are investing in research and development, product development and growth opportunities overseas instead of domestically. Profitability is also suffering as a result of the skills gap, according to 30 percent of respondents.

Now is the time to mind – and overcome – the gap.

The shortage of available talent with job-related skills is only going to get worse as more jobs are created, more Baby Boomers and seasoned employees retire and the unemployment rate continues to drop. If you want to move your company over the gap, you need to start today. Our new white paper, “Mind the Skills Gap: The Current State of the American Workforce & How It Must Evolve to Lead the Global Economy of the Future” can help.

It takes an in-depth look at the skills shortage and provides guidance for business leaders looking to remain competitive in our emerging economy. Some of the topics we explore in this valuable resource include:

  • The specific work skills that executives feel that are hard to find
  • The factors that are causing the skills gap
  • How the situation is impacting different sectors and industries
  • Solutions employers, educators and the government can use to solve the shortage
  • And more!

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