From fortified foods to dietary supplements, the nutraceuticals industry is growing thanks to a boost in demand from consumers. Good news for medical and science professionals: as Americans increase their focus on preventive health, this demand is only expected to grow. 

Our white paper, “The Nutraceuticals Market Opportunity”, is full of information about this robust newcomer to the medical and science world. Some of the things you’ll learn about the nutraceuticals market include: 

  • The hottest nutraceutical trends in supplements and functional foods 
  • Skills in demand for nutraceutical professionals 
  • Regulations impacting the field 
  • Who is driving the demand for nutraceuticals 
  • And more! 

Whether you’re a long-time player in the nutraceuticals industry or are looking to transition into this growing medical and science field, get the knowledge and insight you need to progress with this valuable white paper.

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