A Rapid Implementation Became the Right Fit for This Global Fashion Retailer

Our client is a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products across four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances. They were looking for an onsite staffing provider to support their multi-distribution center campus, but because peak season was quickly approaching, they needed a rapid implementation.

Case Studies

Implementation and transition had to be quick and seamless.

To be up and running in time to meet peak season demands of approximately 2,000 associates, we began implementation during contract negotiations and had all onsite management in place prior to go-live.

We were challenged to tailor a world-class implementation in eight weeks without tearing any stitches in the incumbent workforce in the process.

To meet this challenging deliverable, we focused first on mission-critical items. We then instituted a four- week mending period after program launch where we ensured onboarding compliance of all transitioned associates. Key measurements of our success included:

  • Client Partnership: Key client stakeholders were dedicated and on-site to offer full transparency, openness and willingness to embrace change
  • Project Management: Our diligent project management team was action-oriented and kept everyone on task
  • Onsite Governance: Our implementation team and senior leadership were on-site daily to field client and associate questions
  • Change Management Expertise: Our established best practices and change management strategy included regular “town halls” and documentation to support our client during implementation and beyond

Our robust onsite program, in support of all shifts, included the creation of a labor share tool which allowed our client to share trained associates across campus locations, as required. Our client was very impressed with our core leadership team and ability to outfit their needs.

Our professionalism and project management efficiency allowed for the following successes:

  • Implemented the program on time, in just eight weeks
  • Transitioned 98% of our client’s temporary workforce (500 associates)
  • Provided minimal-to-no business interruption
  • Successfully ramped to meet peak-season needs of 2,000 associates
  • Instituted numerous employee engagement activities to retain associates

It’s no accident that we’ve become our client’s trusted partner.

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