The Urgency of Ramp

The holiday season will be here before we know it, and your contingent workforce—whether in manufacturing, retail, or somewhere in between—better be ready to meet the demand. Prepare for the rush with our resources, including some new data, the white paper, and a video. They provide you with a snapshot of the holiday hiring landscape and are sure to help you feel confident as you prep for peak season.

Holiday Hiring by the Numbers

Many people take temporary jobs for various reasons. For example, 76% of people take on seasonal work for more money, while 11% are looking to get their foot in the door with an employer. And, did you know that 32% of Americans start looking for holiday jobs in September? With a 1:1 ratio (or slightly less) between job seekers and open positions and a flat labor force participation rate, it’s critical that your temp jobs offer candidates exactly what they want.

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Between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, billions of dollars worth of goods are sold, spurring hustle and bustle not just at the cash registers, but in storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shipping and receiving hubs, and call centers across the country. Sound familiar? Good! Because our white paper is designed to help companies just like yours hire the temporary workforce you need to handle the demand and maximize profitability.

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The holidays are such a special time for so many people. But sometimes those people can take for granted all the hard work that goes into making, selling and delivering so many holiday gifts. Yes, it’s more difficult for you and for us to take that hard work for granted, but it’s still nice to have a reminder. Watch our animated video for that reminder and a little extra motivation this season.

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