STEM careers are growing in demand

See why science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields – and job prospects – are on the rise.


Two people in hardhats and safety vests inspect a machine

Did you know that for every two available STEM jobs, there is only one qualified professional available? If you are one of them, or if you want to become one of them, then you could enjoy all of the benefits – great job security, competitive pay, growth potential – that today’s STEM careers offer.

Why are STEM jobs so hard to fill?

Employers seek out professionals with proven skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to drive innovation and get the most out of their investments. Unfortunately for them – and fortunately for you – it seems that most professionals in these areas are out of the job market and already working.

While the supply of available STEM talent is drying up, the market is flooded with available STEM jobs – and the situation is only going to get better for job seekers like you. The number of STEM jobs is growing twice as fast as non-STEM careers with a projected 11,278,700 positions available in 2030. The STEM fields that are expected to see the most growth by then include statistics (35.4% growth), information security (33.3%), epidemiology (29.6%), and computer science (21.9%). If you have these skills related to these fields, you should expect to have your pick of great jobs.

New to STEM? Check out these STEM careers:

Luckily you can start your STEM career without a bachelor’s degree – and the debt that accompanies it. Many entry-level STEM jobs don’t require a degree but certifications and on-the-job training. The best-paying jobs you can land without a college degree include:

  1. Machinist
  2. Test technician
  3. Welder
  4. Engineering technician
  5. Electrical assembler
  6. Pharmacy technician

Adecco’s Aspire Academy offers various courses to help you gain the necessary skills to kick off your STEM career, including in the fields above. Check out our available classes, like “Basic Machinist” and “Data Analytics,” for free and explore your opportunities in the STEM world today.

New to STEM? Check out these STEM careers:

If you are interested in pursuing a STEM career, CNBC recently released a list of the highest-earning STEM careers. Here are the positions that topped the list:

  • IT systems manager
  • Engineering manager
  • Physicist
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Natural sciences manager

But since the average annual wage for all STEM workers in the US is above $100,000, all STEM careers provide for a good quality of life and stability.

With high salaries, growing industries, and low barriers to entry, starting a STEM job just makes sense. Check out our current STEM job opportunities that don’t require a four-year degree now or contact us to chat with a recruitment expert who can connect you with a high-paying opportunity. Also, don’t forget to enroll in our Aspire Academy where you can learn the skills needed to jumpstart your career in STEM. If you’re already in a STEM career you can also enroll to upskill yourself and remain competitive in the ever-evolving fields of IT, engineering, computer science, and more.