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Connect with great STEM professionals

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People with expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can make a tremendous difference on your team. That’s why we take a different approach to sourcing, recruiting and placing people with these unique valuable abilities.

Our teams of recruiters are dedicated solely to their specific industries and skill sets, giving them unsurpassed knowledge of the trends, changes and challenges impacting the job market, the workforce and the industries themselves.

In addition to this niche-level expertise, our recruiters have access to the unrivaled reach and resources of the largest human resources solutions provider in the world. As a result, we are able to connect our clients with true professionals – and true difference makers – time and time again.

In fact, in 2013 alone, we placed more than 13,000 STEM professionals, and we maintain a database of more than 2.1 million qualified candidates. We support clients in all states and industries, including:

Hire on your terms.

Our STEM recruitment services are completely flexible, allowing you to hire the professionals you need when you need them. These services include:

Contract: Our part-time or contract workers can support

you for a pre-determined amount of time, allowing you to add talent quickly, scale up or down according to your workload, and gain access to highly specialized skill sets that you might not be able to afford on a full-time basis.

Contract-to-hire:If you have a long-term need but can’t make a long-term commitment, this is your answer. If one of our contractors ends up being a perfect fit for your organization, you have the option to hire them as a full-time employee.

Direct-hireWhen we recruit for direct-hire placements, we focus both on skill set and on cultural fit. You need an employee who will stay with your organization long-term, and we know how to find that person for you.

Independent contractor classification services: The distinction between employee and independent contractor can be hazy, and misclassification can have serious consequences. Our 1099 evaluation program deploys a highly experienced team, including legal, human resources, operational and tax professionals, to ensure your organization is fully compliant and protected.