Get insights from more than 500 C-Suite executives on their workforce needs, challenges and strategies.

Today, a shortage of skills in the U.S. workforce means qualified workers have more job options and leverage than ever before. In partnership with the Aberdeen Group, we conducted a survey of over 500 C-Suite executives to find out how executives are planning to grow — and maintain — their talent pipelines. In order to compete in this “age of the employee,” your company must employ best-in-class approaches to recruiting and retention. In our report on building a better workforce, we’ll tell you how to do just that.

Learn how the skills gap continues to evolve and what you can do to overcome it.

There are many reasons we have a skills gap in the U.S.—from a divide in wage expectations to new technologies, and the more familiar you are with the causes, the more effectively you can counteract them.

See the positive impact contingent labor can have on your company’s workforce.

Best-in-class companies are 44% more likely to increase the size of their already sizeable temp workforces over the next 1-2 years—and for good reason. Discover how these companies are achieving greater levels of flexibility and versatility and which roles are most likely to be filled by contingent labor.

Get actionable tips for implementing an aggressive recruiting strategy and learn what tactics are imperative to success.

Setting performance expectations for recruiters, constantly keeping in touch with prospective employees, and sourcing candidates through social media are a few ways to ensure your company lands the talent it needs.

Leverage our strategic advice to cultivate a culture of reward and retention.

Businesses that do this consistently outperform their counterparts. Rewarding high-potential and high-performing employees ramps up retention, eases the pressure of the skills gap and creates stability and growth.


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