If you don't start your holiday hiring activities until the season begins, it could be too late.

That’s because the demand for top seasonal talent is intensifying every year, and delaying your search could cause you to miss out on the best candidates and the positive business results they deliver.

Our white paper explores the importance of developing a strong and proactive strategy for hiring for seasonal jobs. It also features tips and best practices you can use to recruit the workers you need.

The high stakes of holiday hiring.

Many industries—not just retail—rely on a sales spike during the holiday season to boost profits. Billions of dollars worth of goods are sold between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, and those transactions fuel activity not just at the cash registers, but in storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shipping and receiving hubs and call centers around the country.

If you can't keep up with the holiday rush, your customers and clients may start relying on your competition—which can hurt your business and your bottom line throughout the year.

How many seasonal jobs are filled each year?

Retailers alone added around 750,000 seasonal workers in the fourth quarter of 2015, and over 50% of those seasonal hires went to eight of the largest retailers!

Though there are ample seasonal job opportunities, the number of available workers is dwindling. The unemployment rate continues to fall, and many people who have been in the seasonal labor force have secured full-time employment.

With the demand for seasonal talent intensifying and the supply shrinking, now is the time to start recruiting for your critical roles. Our white paper walks you through the process—download it today!

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