How the Report Benefits Your Business

As of May 2019, the unemployment rate is at a record-low 3.6%. While that’s good news for the economy, it makes for a tight labor market, meaning employers have trouble finding enough talent. This is especially true for employers that have strict hiring requirements for temporary workers.

How strict are your hiring requirements? Are they shrinking your talent pool? Are they preventing you from hiring “temps” quickly enough? If so, it might be time to rethink them.

When rethinking requirements, it’s all about balance—loosening them enough to increase applicants, make faster hires, and maintain productivity, but without compromising the quality of your contingent workforce.

This report will help you find that balance. You’ll learn how other companies are loosening their requirements, what they’re risking, and how they’re benefitting. You’ll also get actionable advice so that you can implement this proven strategy in your business.

44% of temp candidates ghosting during interview process

More Ghosting

Employers think they have found their next new hire, only to be ghosted. How are companies solving this problem?

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52% of companies loosening temporary job requirements

Looser Requirements

Over half of companies have loosened—or plan to loosen—their job requirements. Which ones were chosen?

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99% of employers realizing a positive effect

Multiple Benefits

From more applicants to faster hires, nearly every company has benefitted from relaxed job requirements.

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