Spread of our 2018 U.S. Workforce Report

How the Report Benefits Your Business

We're in a candidate-driven labor market. U.S. unemployment is low and career options are high. As a result, job seekers and employees have leverage. They know what they need. They know what they want. And they're demanding it.

What exactly does this mean for employers—for your business? It means you must work a little harder to get to know America's workers. Because the more you know about them, the more you appeal to them, at least assuming you make the right, competitive offer.

Fortunately, "The U.S. Workforce Report: Attracting Talent and Retaining Employees" provides you with the intel and insights you need. It includes two sets of survey data. First, to represent employers, what 500 executives think workers want, and second, to represent the workforce, what 1,000 workers actually want.

The report will benefit you and your hiring managers in many ways:

  • Be aware of who is returning to the workforce and why, across generations and industries.
  • Determine which qualifications are truly necessary and which could be overlooked.
  • Know the level of pay, along with other perks and benefits, that today's job seekers expect.
  • Figure out how happy your employees are and react accordingly.
  • Learn how stressed your employees are about automation and how to ease their concerns.
  • Establish flexible, or not so flexible, career paths and growth opportunities for your people.
  • Build a complete, cost-saving recruiting strategy and employee retention plan.

96% of workers felt qualified for the last job they applied for

Job Qualification

Since over half of businesses think the “skills gap” is a problem, does that mean workers are overly confident? Or is the skills gap fading?

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87% of workers think companies should speed up the hiring process

Hiring Process

What makes this extra compelling is that 54% of Best-in-Class companies do not speed it up. Why? And what should be done?

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17% of workers think they’re paid above market average

Job Pay

According to the C-Suite at top companies, 45% pay above market average. How do you address this? And how important is pay compared to other job factors?

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