Helping veterans thrive in the workforce

Hiring veterans should be a high priority.


Veterans have given so much to this country. At Adecco, we’re committed to giving something back by helping to generate and enhance opportunities for employment for veterans.

Why hire a military service member?

Veterans have a unique set of skills and experiences that can prove extremely valuable in the business world. Here are some reasons why hiring veterans can be great for your business:

  • Veterans respect authority and direction: In the military, it is imperative to follow established policies, procedures and workflows in order to accomplish a collective mission. Veterans bring this same approach to the workplace, making them great co-workers and team members.
  • Veterans appreciate diversity and can bring people together: Veterans have worked side by side with other military members of various cultures, races, religions and other demographics, and they know the importance of inclusion and working together as a team. Plus, veterans who have served overseas bring a unique global perspective that can help you compete in an increasingly globalized marketplace.
  • Veterans make excellent leaders: Veterans are literally taught to lead by example and manage behaviors. They know what it takes to lead.
  • Veterans have hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology: The U.S. military has access to the most advanced computer systems, tools, software and other technology, and veterans know how to use it. They can leverage this knowledge to augment the way you use technology and suggest areas for improvement.
  • Veterans can enhance morale: Hiring a veteran sends a clear message to your employees that you value service men and women and are willing to support members of the community. People want to work for companies that do good things for local people and communities.

A proven plan for hiring veterans.

Many businesses do not effectively recruit or retain veterans, a fact that can be attributed to many factors – myths about veterans, a lack of understanding, cultural resistance, etc.

It’s important to overcome these factors in order to realize the benefits of putting military members on your team. Here are some tips you can use to make it happen:

  • Debunk myths and misperceptions: Many employers have outdated views of military veterans and perceive them to be unprepared, under-educated and unqualified for specific roles. Instead of furthering these myths and missing out on valuable veterans, take the time to speak to veterans individually and see just how great an impact they can have on your business.
  • Learn to speak the language: When you are hiring an IT professional, you need to understand tech jargon, terms and trends in order to properly evaluate each candidate and make an informed decision. The same principle applies to hiring veterans. Veterans “speak” military, and while “I’m a 90A, and I ran the battalion PAC and was in charge of OERs, NCOERs, awards and all eMILPO actions,” may not mean much to you right now, it should. When speaking to a veteran, ask them to clarify the terms that he or she is using. You can also use online resources, such as O*NET OnLine, to evaluate resumes before meeting with potential veteran candidates.
  • Look for them where they’re looking for you: There are many resources and paths for targeting qualified veterans, and many of these approaches are free.
    • Military placement firms (like Adecco)
    • Military job boards
    • Military career fairs
    • Military publications
    • Military professional associations
    • Military post / base transition centers
    • National Guard and Reserve units
    • College campuses
    • Government resources
    • Nonprofit groups
    • Social networking sites
  • Market to veterans: Veterans want to work for companies that value them and where they can be successful. Create customized, targeted marketing material with a unique message for this unique infographic. Add designated info for military members on your career page, or highlight your commitment and willingness to hire veterans in your job posts.

We want to help veterans claim victory in the workforce. If you are interested in hiring great veterans, or to learn more about our services, contact your local Adecco office today.

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