What can Adecco do for me and my workforce?

Explore the different services and solutions we offer to our clients, and see how we can meet your needs.


With the improving economy, the search for talent has become more challenging and competitive. Staying ahead of the curve requires a strategic partner with the expertise, resources and experience to assist with all your staffing needs.

With the ability to provide a wide range of services aimed at meeting your specific needs, Adecco is well equipped to be that partner. Among the key ways we can help you and your workforce:

Master Vendor Program

For full-service staffing support customized for your organization, our Master Vendor Program presents a compelling value. Adecco understands that no two businesses are alike, so we work with you to develop a program that is tailored to support your specific needs. With our Master Vendor solution, we handle every aspect of your contingent workforce program, offering scalability and flexibility to help you achieve and measure your business goals. We also offer a single point of contact, so you will have ongoing, real-time visibility into your current and anticipated staffing needs.

Temporary staffing

As a business owner or manager, you know that just about anything is possible when it comes to your workforce. Maybe you walk in Monday morning to learn one employee needs to take an unexpected leave of absence while another announces he is moving out of state – next week. Adecco is at–the-ready for these situations – providing the flexibility to staff up or down with temporary professionals on an as-needed, day-to-day basis or on an indefinite contract. We can also deliver individuals with specialized skills needed for short-term projects or unexpected challenges. Our expert recruitment and selection process helps find the right candidate with the right skills and personality to be a solid fit for your organization’s needs.

Direct placement services

Adding new hires to your team doesn’t have to be stressful – or risky. Adecco’s Direct Placement division has access to a wide range of top candidates, including those hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively searching for a job. In order to save you time and money, the only candidates you’ll meet are those who’ve passed our in-depth screening process.

Payrolling services

If you find a great candidate but are unable to currently hire him or her directly, we can help. Simply, provide Adecco with the following details: candidate information (including resume with contact info), position, pay rate and potential schedule. We can take if from there, putting the candidate through our application process, while also addressing pre-employment requirements. Once the employee is on board, we then track time and attendance, issue paychecks and are available with support if any issues arise.

Onsite services

Through Adecco’s Onsite Program, we bring our expertise and experience right to your business in a cost-effective way. Our standardized onsite solution is customizable by client and industry. We complete a detailed evaluation of specific needs and then, once onsite, we work directly with hiring managers to develop relationships, understand your business drivers and respond to the unique needs and challenges of each department. Our onsite solution not only helps you acquire and onboard talent as well as manage a contingent workforce. The consistency we bring helps reduce “rogue spending” and creates a standardized approach to hiring and workforce management.

Adecco can be your competitive edge – and we’ve always got your back. We are focused on making sure our clients remain within compliance when it comes to co-employment, classification and worker eligibility risks. Let us help you manage your workforce in the most cost effective ways so your business or organization can continue to grow and thrive.

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