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The goal of marketing used to be generating buzz around your brand or product.


The goal of marketing used to be generating buzz around your brand or product. However, marketing is evolving, and the traditional ways of creating that buzz are no more. Today’s most successful and forward-thinking marketing leaders are focused on new and innovative ways of generating revenue.

But how are they doing it? And who are they hiring to get it done? Our infographic explores how emerging technology, business pressures and shifts in consumer habits are influencing best marketing practices. We also provide suggestions to help you build a marketing team that will harness the full potential of these new trends, provide measurable results, and drive revenue. To learn more about how we can help build your team, contact us today.


Bound for change: The impact of the Internet on outbound and inbound marketing

Nothing has evolved marketing, or the roles and responsibilities of people who work in the field, like the Internet. Its inception has more than doubled the number of marketing channels available for reaching consumers. And along with increasing the volume of marketing content channels, the Internet has changed the direction in which the content itself flows.

Traditional outbound marketing channels such as newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, as well as radio and even television have proven to reach a diminishing number of customers each year. As a result, these mediums yield diminishing returns in the form of conversions and revenue. On the flipside, inbound marketing is proving to be a robust source of consumers, connections, and, ultimately, conversions.

To put the difference in perspective, the dominant outbound marketing channel, newspapers, produces a 30 percent response rate. The weakest inbound marketing channel, search engines, produces a response rate of about 65 percent—more than double that of newspapers.

Keeping abreast of changes in marketing

Learn more about the shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, the benefits and the challenges that the evolution of the marketing industry is creating, and the many emerging marketing trends, in our newest infographic. We also highlight how marketing departments are coping with these marketing trends and provide a guide for hiring the perfect marketing candidate.

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