The stress of tax season can be draining for tax accountants and tax preparers. It can also drain money from a company budget. Fortunately, our new white paper, “How can contingent labor can be your savior during tax season?” can fill you in on the financial and productivity benefits of a contingent labor strategy.

Don’t pay for tax season jobs throughout the year.

One of the biggest benefits of taking a contingent labor approach to your tax season is flexibility. You can add the same high quality professionals you – and your customers – have come to rely on in order to crunch the numbers and deliver results during tax season. However, because they will be contingent employees, you won’t have to feel the crunch of annual salaries, benefits, training, workers’ compensation, vacations and other expenses associated with full-time tax jobs. You also avoid the potentially expensive endeavor of replacing a bad hire.

Get instant access to qualified tax experts.

When it comes to filing taxes, most companies have the same corporate filing deadlines in mind. Thus, it can be difficult to fill a critical position or add tax accountants and preparers as the tax deadline approaches. By working with a contingent labor partner in advance, you will have access to the precise tax specialists you need when you need it. Even if you have to ramp up for unexpected work volume, the right contingent labor partner can accommodate your needs without stressing out your staff.

Learn more about the benefits of contingent labor for tax season, and find out how to select the right partner for your needs.

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