Digital marketing technology has changed the game.

If you walked onto the field with a compelling website and an active social presence, you were in position to defeat your rival. But those days are over; the game has changed. And we have technology to thank for that.

Yes, websites and social media (and content, email, advertising, etc.) remain major factors, but they’ve been affected by digital technology more than ever. Technology like artificial intelligence and virtual reality have expanded your playbook—making websites, social media and everything in between more engaging, entertaining and exciting. At least potentially.

We say “potentially” for one reason: You need the digital-savvy pros—your players—to understand and leverage this new tech. People who can develop brilliant ideas that marry marketing and tech so that you can better impact customers, and, ultimately, keep winning. The thing is, these pros are difficult to find; there’s a critical digital skills gap.

Fortunately, our white paper will help you overcome that gap by covering the following:

  • The severity of the digital marketing talent shortage
  • How Millennials and Gen Zers look for opportunities
  • What the two generations look for from an employer
  • What they look for in their careers
  • The shift to a mobile workforce

Think of our white paper as your new game plan—one that’ll help you adapt to the new playing field and continue to win.

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