What's America's C-Suite doing to engage and retain employees in an ever-changing landscape?

56% of the C-Suite believes the “skills gap” is real


That’s down 24% from last year, when 80% of all company leaders we surveyed said the skills gap was real. That’s a massive shift! What’s the reason for the year-over-year drop?

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77% of employers believe pay is the most important factor to their employees


When it comes to employee management, employers believe wages are critical, but how do they feel specifically about hot-button topics like minimum wage and equal pay?

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40% of employers offer “soft” benefits like work-life balance


In this candidate-driven market, the basics aren’t enough anymore, and employers are recognizing that. Which benefits make a difference when it comes to employee retention

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61% of employers believe mentorships are important in determining employee happiness


21% of Best-in-Class companies cited lack of education as the main reason for the skills gap. So why did businesses forego offering classes in the last 12 months, and what advantages do mentorships have that classrooms may not?

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66% of employers have succession plans in place or are creating them.

Succession Plans

That’s the good news. But if we’re looking at it from a “glass-is-one-third-empty” perspective, that leaves 34% without succession plans, and many Best-in-Class companies are moving away from succession plans. Why?

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