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Fueled largely by job growth and technological breakthroughs, salaries and job descriptions are evolving faster than ever in these growing industries. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, office jobs will grow 10% from 2016-2026. Manufacturing jobs grew by more than 300,000 over the last year—a 20+ year high. And finance—thanks to artificial intelligence—and transportation—thanks to electric cars—are demanding adaptable, ambitious, and technically proficient talent.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that you set clear job expectations, shift with changing roles, and pay competitive (or maybe, more than competitive) salaries, especially in these four hot industries. From human resource and accountant salaries to mechanic and warehouse manager salaries, we have tons of data to help you determine how to establish salary ranges for your current and future employees.

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Medical & Science Salary Guide

Medical & Science

Here’s the deal with medical and science jobs: There’s a lot of competition trying to land the same job candidates. Top-notch medical and science candidates were in high demand, are in high demand, and will stay in high demand. Because from the top of the hierarchy down, they're revolutionizing healthcare, helping us understand the world better, and making our planet a more fulfilling place to live. These are well-educated individuals with specific skills and endless curiosity. And factors like an aging population and compromised environment are only magnifying the demand for them.

Our guide will provide you and your hiring managers with the salary treatments you need to cure your staffing ailments—and to land the best research biologists, lab technicians and nurses available. From dental hygienist and nurse practitioner salaries to chemist and pharmacist salaries, we have a ton of compensation data to help you determine the right salary ranges for your medical and science talent.

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