Master Vendor Program (MVP)

Get total transparency into your contingent staffing costs. Partner with us as your primary staffing vendor and take advantage of our Master Vendor Program (MVP). It's based on a predictable human resources cost model. And it's going to take your requisition and placement process to a whole new level of efficiency.

Pay & Benefits

It’s your program. Customize it to optimize it.

MVP is completely scalable—it can be whatever you need it to be. In fact, since we implemented the first generation of master vendor programs over 20 years ago, we’ve managed hundreds of them. And we've evolved and improved each program over time. No matter the size or scope you choose, you’ll always get the very best administrative, supervisory and systems support and benefits like these:

  • Invoicing accuracy
  • Cost savings
  • Onboarding and off-boarding compliance
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Risk mitigation
  • Rate validation

Key features

  • National account management
  • Executive reporting, trend analysis and consultation
  • Access to a widespread branch network
  • Access to a diverse supplier network
  • Supplier engagement and management
  • Value-focused planning
  • Outsourcing and insourcing capabilities
  • Program management office (PMO) or centralized order management (COM) support
  • Corporate onsite, facility onsite, near-site or virtual management
  • Service delivery
  • Contract compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Process improvements
  • Strategic planning
  • High-level problem resolution
  • Demand management
Find experienced leaders for your team.

It all starts with a strategic leader.

The first thing we do is choose an experienced national account leader to be your dedicated, go-to person for the entire length of the program. They’ll report directly to Adecco senior management and assemble and manage your team at the corporate and local levels.

Your national account leader is responsible for:

  • Service delivery
  • Contract compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Process improvements
  • Strategic planning
  • High-level problem resolution
  • Demand management

Success is a team effort.

These are our subject-matter experts in areas like recruiting, training, risk management and more. The operational team looks to them for specific support and resources.

Implementation Team

These folks work with our branch operations and approved suppliers to provide targeted local recruitment, applicant screening and testing, placement and administrative duties.

Functional Team

An onsite model works really well for call center programs. However, since no two call center programs are alike, we usually create a strategic sourcing plan for each one.

Operational Team

In a successful shared services program, we work from your facility to closely monitor and constantly adapt your program based on your evolving needs.

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