Master Vendor Program+ (MVP+)

So, what does the “+” mean? Well, you get all the benefits of our Master Vendor Program (MVP). Plus, vendor management system (VMS) technology to track every step of the hiring process. Plus, proven recruiting strategies for your specific skill sets. Plus, an exclusive supplier to manage the whole program. Come to think of it, maybe there should be more than one “+.”

Pay & Benefits

Create efficiencies and control costs.

With the MVP+ solution, you get all the benefits of our master vendor program, but with the added convenience of flexible, web-enabled processes. This allows us to have real-time interactions with our suppliers, our associates and, of course, with you. Plus, incorporating VMS technology gives you the opportunity to view job requisitions, candidate submissions, work assignments and time capture in real-time.

Benefits of the MVP+ enhanced analytics

  • Process and performance consistency
  • Ad hoc real-time reporting
  • Augmented fulfillment reporting (e.g., time to fill, time to submit)
  • Real-time views into data – time, expense, and invoicing
  • Requisition fulfillment flow viewing
  • Finance and billing oversight
  • Workflow support, including help desk support
  • Real-time supplier scorecard data
Pay & Benefits

Why go with MVP+ over a traditional MSP?

Sure, our MVP+ program is a little like an MSP. It’s scalable to meet your demands. It also gives you visibility into your contingent labor spend. But that’s about where MVP+ stops being similar. Here’s what makes it superior:

Many MSPs offer third-party technology, but no real staffing experience. On the other hand, we’ve been doing this for more than 50 years. Plus, we were one of the early adopters of the MVP solution more than 20 years ago. The majority of Global Fortune 100 companies rely on our staffing expertise. Why not you?

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