Volume Recruitment Outsourcing

Our volume recruitment outsourcing solution is ideal when you have hiring needs that require a large volume of employees. Think of this service as project-based recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). With volume recruitment outsourcing, we offer an immersive and dedicated team approach to hiring for the duration of a project.

For a traditional, non-project-based RPO, visit our sister company, Pontoon.

For your next major project, put your recruitment efforts on our plate.

When it comes to major corporate or enterprise-level projects, it seems like endless amounts of resources and time are consumed—and sometimes, that’s the reality. For those in HR or operations, much of your time is devoted to outlining the necessary talent; finding and hiring the right people; onboarding them in an efficient, effective manner; and hoping you retain them.

The thing is, projects have strict timelines, putting you in a compromising situation. It’s difficult to hire 30 new employees rapidly, and a daunting task to hire 300 new employees in the same timeframe. In addition, this is especially true if your company is located in a competitive labor market, where unemployment and labor force participation rates are low and candidates are scarce.

Higher level staffing services.

By partnering with us, we become your outsourcing solution provider. You gain a group of experts who become an extension of your business, learning all about your project and managing various process flows – including screening, reference checking, and onboarding. We accomplish all of this with a customizable service delivery model that fits your culture and business needs, and builds the best possible project-based workforce.

Get the benefits that only volume recruitment outsourcing delivers.


Need a transactional model, where we search, source and screen? You got it. Need us to handle more of the process and blend in our recruiting technologies? No problem.


We can handle almost any size project, leveraging technology and delivering the resources you need. And if you pivot mid project, scaling up or down, we pivot right with you.


There are millions of resumes in our database. And we have the most experienced recruiters in the industry. This means you get top talent up and running quickly.

Higher level staffing services.

Deliver for your candidates and your stakeholders.

For every internal project, there are two primary audiences to please: candidates and stakeholders. Thanks to volume recruitment outsourcing, you can accomplish just that. You can provide candidates with a seamless process from initial contact to work completion; and show stakeholders no time or money was wasted in your recruitment efforts. It’s a win-win.