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Coordinating temporary workforce from multiple staffing companies can be difficult. With Adecco x Adia combining the on-demand digital staffing platform Adia with the size and scale of Adecco, we provide a nationwide workforce solution that pairs grassroots recruitment with digital strategies to source, screen, and place talent at scale.

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Leveraging the Adecco Group Ecosystem

Staffing solution What is it? Who needs it?
Temp staffing with Adecco Staffing both blue- and white-collar temporary workers, from one employee to more than 1,000 Businesses that depend on “temps,” including customer service, industrial and manufacturing, retail, and warehousing
On Demand with Adia On demand workforce available through a zero-touch model to self schedule for shifts as needed Businesses who need to book non-skilled hourly workers when they need them to add dynamic on-demand coverage to your workforce

How we are better together

Separately Adia and Adecco are both robust staffing solutions capable of meeting most customer needs. Together, our strengths complement each other and broaden our strategy and scope to design and implement a staffing program capable of meeting and exceeding expectations.

Adia’s fully digitized staffing solution provides on-demand talent when and where you need them most. Adecco’s scalable solutions bring the governance and strategic program expertise to manage your workforce.

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Retail + e-commerce
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Supply chain + logistics
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Manufacturing + production
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Cleaning + facilities
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Customer service
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Book vetted workers in seconds

When you create a booking, thousands of workers that fit your needs are immediately notified about the job, and can book it on the spot. As W-2 Employees of Adia they are pre-vetted for their skills, qualification, and eligibility to work.

Book vetted workers  in seconds infographic
View work history  and qualifications infographic

View work history and qualifications

You’ve got full transparency 24/7 and control over who’s on the job. View your roster to see updates in real time, and check worker profiles to view their work history, skills, and ratings from other businesses.

Approve timesheets and rate workers

Timesheets and payroll are handled straight through the Adia platform, so you can make edits if needed, or approve timesheets in one click. Our ratings system helps keep things honest so you always know the quality of the workers you’re getting.

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