Direct Hire staffing services

Hiring a permanent employee means writing an enticing job description, getting the word out, screening resumes, interviewing candidates and onboarding. All while keeping up with your job. Or you can ask us for help. After all, our direct hire staffing recruiters have an average of 10 years experience in their industries. It's their permanent job.

Keep your employees happy.

Find the best perm candidates. Even if they're not looking.

Competition for top talent, particularly professional talent, is fierce. That's because many of the best candidates are already working, often in full-time, permanent positions. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for whoever's actively looking for different work, or even unemployed.

We have endless connections to hard-to-find passive candidates who you might not find working with a smaller staffing agency or job board. These people will make the move to your company if the opportunity is right.

Besides being connected to these candidates, our recruiters know their local markets better than anyone else. We have data that tells us how many like candidates exist in a certain geographic area, what the going salary is for any position, and much more. Everything you need to put together the right offer.

Long story short, we have unmatched expertise specifically designed to source your best direct hires!

Get the right person for the job.

Even though our direct hire service is customizable based on your needs, there's one surefire process for finding the best talent.

Starting with you

Tell us about the job and about your culture. We'll customize a hiring profile for you and find candidates to match.

On to interviews

From telephone pre-screens to behavioral interviews, we consider candidates' skills and work habits. And then you meet only the best.

Check, please

We check references and conduct a customized job-fit and skills analysis through our Adecco Xpert system, all at your request.

Higher level staffing services.

Looking to hire at a higher level?

We don't just hire low to mid-level permanent positions; our retained search team specializes in conducting searches for senior managers, directors, VPs and C-suite executives. Literally anyone you need with $100,000 and up salaries, Adecco Direct Hire has it covered.