Payrolling services

Let's say you know a great candidate. They're just right for a job on your team. Now, let's say you didn't find them through us. That's OK, we can still work together on this. Finally, let's say that, for whatever reason, you're not in a position to hire that person just yet. Well, that's when you call us and say, "Let's talk about your payrolling services."

Keep your employees happy.

Payrolling means more than just paying employees.

When you put your candidates on our payroll, that actually makes us the employer of record. That means all the statutory costs and expenses are on us. Workers' comp? On us. Training and onboarding fees? Those are on us, too. And all the headaches and expenses involved in the hiring process? Well, let's just say that they're not on you.

Here's how our payrolling services work.

First, talk to us. Let's discuss pay rates, schedules and work hours. Then, we'll take it from there.

They apply

Before we put the candidate on our payroll, they need to complete our simple application.

They're checked

Next, we do any necessary background checks, drug screening, employee eligibility and more.

They work

Finally, the candidate goes to work for you, while we track time and attendance and issue paychecks.

Keep your employees happy.

Get classification clarification.

Employing independent contractors can get a little complicated. And you really don't want those complications to lead to penalties and fines. Our payroll services can alleviate those risks at all phases—evaluation, classification, education, training and management. So you're completely covered at all times.

Partnership solutions—for more sizable staffing needs.

Need multiple people? In multiple locations? You've got multiple options.

Master Vendor Program

As your primary staffing vendor, we give you the support you need to make requisitions and placements more manageable.

See the benefits

Master Vendor Program +

It’s the Master Vendor Program plus the visibility, metrics and reporting you need to track every step of the hiring process.

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Onsite Management

We have 30 years’ experience working at our clients’ facilities or near site from a local branch. How do you want to work with us?

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