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Adecco Search is the solution you need when your business seeks permanent, mid-level talent—from specialists and managers to directors and executives—in the $50,000 to $300,000 range. Search comes with a dedicated, specialized team of Search Consultants who have close connections across deep talent pools. And if you’re seeking an exclusive level of prioritization and resources, we offer engaged and retained partnerships customized to your unique requirements.

Our priority is to pair top talent with great opportunities at your company.

You have what seems like a million things to focus on every day. And one of those things is workforce management, from recruiting to hiring to retaining your best people. It’s not easy, especially regarding those who are the backbone of your business—mid-level professionals. Today, with an exceptionally tight labor market, these professionals are not only difficult to find and attract, but they’re also typically gainfully employed and highly sought after. Fortunately, our Search Consultants are experts in this space and network constantly with these pools of talent.

Top talent with great opportunities.

Our consultative approach emphasizes partnerships where we focus on your business and your workforce solution needs, now and in the future. This long-term relationship enables us to proactively network on your behalf which provides you with a competitive advantage and shortens your time-to-hire.

You also receive the best of both worlds in the following form: Adecco Search offers the personalized, flexible service of a boutique firm, combined with the reach, resources and financial stability of a Fortune Global 500 company. It’s a true advantage that enables your business to compete for—and secure—the most highly-desired talent in your market.

Flexible Approaches and Pricing

Today's search landscape is complex. Every search, from the C-Suite to mid-level management, has a unique set of circumstances and should be treated as such. Because of this, we offer several approaches and pricing structures—ensuring you get an effective and feasible level of service.

Retained Search and Contingent Search

First is retained search, in which you pay a monthly retainer fee for exclusive, ongoing search services. Retained search works best when you know you'll need us regularly, and we can constantly build your business a network of candidates. Second, is the opposite of traditional search in contingent search, in which you don't pay us until we place a professional in a particular position. This is a less exclusive relationship but is ideal when you have one-off requests with more flexible timelines.

Engaged Search

Beyond these two traditional direct hire approaches, we offer a hybrid search model: engaged search. Engaged search combines elements of both retained search and contingent search. You have an exclusive relationship with our search team, with a partial retainer fee up front to commence the search and a contingent fee once we make the placement. This approach is most fitting when you need financial flexibility but still desire a level of undivided dedication. With hybrid search, we have realized up to four times the placement rate over contingent searches.

Reap the unique benefits of Search.

Top Professional Talent

Whatever education, experience and skills you require, we’ll find a resume to match your needs and a person to fit your culture.

A Tailored Fit

This isn’t one-size-fits all. Our dedicated Search Consultants are specialized—by both profession and skill set—to customize your search and provide talent options.

Interview Sessions

With our proven interview and hiring process, you reduce your time-to-hire, increase your quality of hire, and experience a 400% higher success rate compared to traditional processes.

Higher level staffing services.

Specialty Areas

There will inevitably be more, but currently, we focus on three niches or verticals:

  • Manufacturing, Production and Operations
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Commercial Real Estate and Construction

We prefer to be the clear leader in growing areas, not a jack of all trades. By focusing in these areas, we can build teams comprised of the most knowledgeable, seasoned and specialized professionals in the Search space—the appropriate people to help your business build the professional workforce you need.

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