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CPG Staffing Solutions for Employers

While we work with many consumer products companies, we realize that not every client relationship is alike. That’s why we partner with you to understand your company’s unique staffing needs—from finance, to human resources, to logistics, to operations—in order to create a strategic staffing program that delivers the workforce solutions and CPG talent you need.

Our Approach

With relatively low unemployment and stagnant labor force participation, it’s difficult to quickly find enough talent, especially during peak periods and seasonal demand—whether this falls during the traditional holiday season or at other times of the year. That’s why we work strategically with you and your HR and operations teams to build a one-of-a-kind recruiting and workforce management plan—a plan with the flexibility to match the volatility around your contingent labor needs, and one that addresses the following pain points:

  • Fulfillment
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Talent reliability
  • High turnover
  • Supplier rationalization
  • Accuracy of wage data
  • Inefficient processes
  • Timely market data and trendspotting
  • Worker experience and skills gap
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In addition to our proven recruiting and workforce management approach, we also work with your retail business to accomplish the following:
Forecast workforce icon

Forecast workforce needs based on historic performance, seasonal fluctuations, talent availability, and more to ensure supply meets demand

Innovative technology icon

Provide you with innovative technology solutions including artificial intelligence, workforce scheduling, and unique payroll options for associates

Staff-per-function icon

Evaluate your staff-per-function ratio, and seek opportunities to optimize based on goals such as expediting production and delivery

Skill building icon

Explore upskilling, reskilling, and apprenticeships as talent solutions

Retail employee helping a customer.

Associate Development

Thanks to SkillBuilder, our internal training portal, and our partnership with Penn Foster, an online learning and career development platform, you have the option of conveniently upskilling your CPG associates—increasing the chances that they make a positive impact throughout their current and future assignments.

Case Studies

Whether you’re a 100-million or a billion-dollar-a-year company, we’ll ensure you land the talent you need to meet your retailers’ and wholesalers’ demands.