1st shift Case Packer

  • Location
    Kansas City , Mo
  • Salary
    $ 11.5 - $ 11.8
  • Category
    Industrial & Manufacturing - Assembly / Production
  • Job type
    Contract/Temp to Hire

Adecco is hiring entry level Case Packers working on the production line. 3 shifts to choose from with pay ranges ranging from $11.50ph to $11.80. Steel toes shoes/boots are required along with the ability to stand the entire shift.

Job Duties: Making Cartons; A. Make only boxes that are in good condition. Stack boxes that are ripped, flimsy or tears/holes in them neatly. When stack of scraped boxes reaches around 3ft. it needs to be strapped up. The front end driver will haul this off. B. Look to make sure that the carton you are making is the correct size box. Sometimes there can be mixed boxes. Mark out old production stickers with a X. C. Watch the line to ensure that the boxes are moving though the line and not hung up. If the robot is holding bottles in the air then it has no box or the flap folder is jammed. Dividers; A. Dividers should in good condition. They should be stacked correctly for robot. B. Stack divider neatly together. Stack to the level marked or where it will go through on conveyer. Leave enough room in between stack so that it does not jam up robot. Production Stickers; A. At the beginning of your shift make sure you have stickers, then start numbering them starting with #1. Check schedule or with the operator about label/color changes on the line your work. Only number what you will be using. B. After a Label or Color change new stickers will start at with #1. C. Date code stickers right before tagging units. D. Stickers always go on upper left hand corner of the unit section one on each unit and dated E. It is your responsibility to tag the units, if you are having Robot/line jamming problems then the front end driver should help with tagging. F. Before the end of shift make sure that there is enough stickers left for the next shift. Keep in mind any label changes coming up. Strapper/Unitizer; A. You should know how to re-thread, replace strap, stop and start strapper. B. If you have not been train to do this call the operator, don¿t just start pushing buttons. Bailer; A. When putting cardboard in bailer make sure to distribute it evenly, no cardboard sticking up in back of bailer. B. Check the numbers on left side of ram if it is on # 6 don¿t load anymore cardboard until bale is made. Follow One Point Lesson which is posted on door. Safety and other responsibilities; A. Keep trash, straps, string and loose cardboard picked up off the floor. It is very easy to slip or trip and fall. B. Bottle buggies are not for trash. Trash buggies are not for bottles. Do not mix the two. C. If your machine goes down use the air hose to blow out under lines and robot, be sure to wear goggles when blowing using air wands. Clean under platforms and behind grinders. Sweep up piles of dirt and trash and put in trash can. Trash buggies can be dumped into dumpster. D. Brooms and dust mops are to be hung up off the floor on provided 5S boards. Trash can lids are to be on trash cans not the floor. E. If you see all the bottles being kicked off the line, notify the operator. If a bottle is stuck or turned the wrong way fix the problem and help clean up the mess. F. When a box is kicked off the line or the robot is not packing normally, check the bottles for dents/crushed bottles. If you find any defective bottles notify the operator or inspector. G. NEVER enter the robot without proper training and authorization. If the robot jams call operator. H. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don¿t stack boxes or dividers so high that you can¿t see the machine lines or approaching clamp trucks. Try to keep yourself visible at all times to drivers, listen for their horn. I. You are to help the operator when possible with loading spouts, but your box line comes first. Color Change and Label Change A. Clean out robot area. Only do this after operator has shut down the robot. B. Empty all bottles from baskets/buggies on the line. All bottles cleaned up from the floor. C. Tie up any partial units and tag. D. Assist as operator directs with any clean up etc.

Apply today at www.adeccousa.com or call 816-423-4424. Immediate openings!

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