1st Shift Production

  • Location
    Leesburg, Ohio
  • Job type
    Contract/Temp to Hire
  • Salary

To perform a variety of routine tasks, manual in scope, highly repetitive, both machine paced and non machine paced, that are required with the movement of products through manufacturing and/or processing operations.

¿ Perform assigned tasks in any or all candle production/packaging operations throughout the plant including, but not limited to, manufacturing pressed, dipped, filled, molded, extruded, decorated, and/or hand finished candles, and packaging of all sizes/types of candles by hand and/or with wrapping/labeling equipment.
¿ Attend assigned stations on production lines/machines where manual handling functions are performed to move/transfer materials and products to/from production equipment and into/out of in process storage, or to packaging into/or through finished goods storage to shipment.
¿ Turns operational equipment on/off, as directed.
¿ Directed in task assignments by shift supervision to machine operator, providing direction/instruction/coordination as to procedures to be used, duties to be performed in a given production setting.
¿ Meet operational quality and quantity standards of performance.
¿ Responsible for disposing of both product and packaging rejects to proper collection containers.
¿ Maintains clean/orderly conditions in all task assignment areas.

Other duties as assigned

Includes, but not limited to, all forms of wax candles, liquid waxes, all packaging materials, raw materials and subassemblies, gravity powered conveying equipment, in process storage containers/racks, glassware, candle finishing equipment, labels, coding stamps, hand tape dispensers, automatic carton tapers. reject containers, manual work tools/devices, and, as provided, forms, charts, schedules, records, paper, pencils. Uses personal protective equipment provided by the Company, as required.

A normal, inside, factory work environment, variable heating, cooling, drafts, operating machinery/equipment noises. Exposed to variable intensities of heat, odors from melted waxes, candle scents.

Standing and/or walking 100%, sitting 0%. Stand in/at assigned work station, turn repetitively to/from pallet boxes, powered feed conveyors, or other in process product supply sources, continually reaching, grasping, transporting, guiding, placing, releasing candles. Task activity level generally paced to speed of machinery and/or production line. Climb steps to/from work station, where required. Pushing, pulling packed cases of products on gravity/powered conveyors, with frequent lifting of filled/sealed cases of packed candles from feed conveyors to/onto palletized unit load, as required.
Continual mental concentration to insure quality products are packed, rejects are disposed of properly.
Must be able to stand on a concrete floor for the entire shift;
Must be able to lift 30 pounds without assistance and 75 pounds with assistance;
Must have precise coordinated movements of the fingers of both hands to grasp and manipulate small objects;
Must make fast, simple, repeated movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists;
Must have the ability to bend, stoop, stretch, twist,
Must be able to reach out with the body, arms, and/or legs;
Must have the ability to match or detect differences between colors, including shades of color and brightness.

Two (2) hours to become oriented to operational setting. One (1) to three (3) months on the job training to reach level of proficiency required for adequate performance of assigned tasks. High school graduate, or equivalent education preferred.

Must have six months work experience in a fast paced environment;
Must have the ability to work any 10 hour shift up to 6 days a week as needed
Must have the mental ability to pay close attention to details;
Must have the ability to move quickly to respond to situations;
Must be a forward thinking individual;
Must have the ability to anticipate rather than react.
Prefer a high school diploma or GED.

General labor/production. Manufacturing of candles. Monday - Thursday 6am - 4:30pm

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