Assembler/ Manufacturing Position- Hiring Now!!!

  • Location
    Cincinnati , Ohio
  • Salary
  • Job type
    Contract/Temp to Hire

Job Description:
• Packing up completed porotypes into bundles.
• Following detailed instructions and executing the specifications of the packing procedures.
• Attention to detail and quick packing expertise needed.

***All Candidates Must Have a Current Resume and Complete detailed testing to be considered***

Assignment Information
Location: 6280 Center Hill Ave Cincinnati, OH 45224
Schedule: M-F 7:30am to 4:30pm ( Short term assignment 10 days- possible through Thanksgiving- with possibility of longer term work based on performance/background results)
Pay Rate: $12/hour
Dress Code:
• Only Only long jeans, khaki’s or sweatpants, non-skid, flat shoes, and t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts are allowed.
• Body piercings must be removed or covered. Tongue rings must be removed or covered with beard net.
• No false eyelashes, false fingernails, or nail polish of any kind.
• You are required to wear gloves, safety glasses, hair nets and lab coats on the production floor.
• skirts, shoes with heels, capri’s, shorts, leggings, rings, watches, bracelets, finger nail polish and artificial finger nails or artificial eyelashes of any kind.
• Ripped, torn and see-through clothing, low-cut or crop tops, and t-shirts advertising foul language or anything that could be considered offensive.

Job description- Prototyper
? Hand preparation of raw materials - measure and cut a variety of materials using hand tools and cutting boards (typically very precise dimensions)
? Assembly of prototype products and components - involves tedious sequential layering of precut materials and components onto a product pattern within very precise dimensional specifications and hand trimming the perimeter
? Hand modification of plant products and purchased products ? involves delicate hand disassembly or alteration of pre-made products, and subsequent hand reassembly using new materials or components
? Operate all individual pieces of equipment through-out plant safely and efficiently, as needed based on the project
? Manual inspection, packaging, and labeling of prototype products - involves careful inspection of products for defects; sorting, counting, and collating
? Must be able to read metric units, mm and grams.
? Must be able to read, understand and follow instructions as well as identify colors. This includes the ability to make components per template layout.
? Ability to accurately count and label product per instructions.
? Must know product terminology and ID material/components based on that knowledge (Drive side vs op side (right/left), Leading edge/ trailing edge, Front/back, Nose, Perf, etc)
? Ability to identify material (Core, AQL, Topsheet, etc) and ?side? of material (smooth vs cone)
? Bring all safety issues or concerns to attention of PC or Lead.
? Understand proper use of a balance.
? Ability to perform tasks using safe practices and handling of sharp tools.
? Able to work independently and efficiently.
? Must maintain clean work area following GMP and lab rules, including but not limited to sanitization, removing garbage and vacuuming and /or mopping lab and warehouse area(s) as needed.
? Other duties assigned as needed

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