Responsible for producing specific quantities and maintaining required quality standards. Utilizes manual hydraulic, air presses, and electric presses, balancing machine, magnet charger, oscilloscope, encoder testers, soldering equipment, desoldering equipment, digital volt meter and other test equipment. Operate motor runin equipment. Prepares individual lead wires and assemblies. Form leads, terminals and lead wire assemblies and subassemblies. Assemble encoders, brakes, pulleys, lead assemblies to finished motors. Solders individual electrical and electronic components into subassemblies, after assemblies and final assemblies. Position requires the use of light hand assembly tools. Solder lead assemblies, connectors, capacitor and filter networks to final motor assemblies. Press sleeves, spacers, and/or cores into shafts. Press ball bearings on to brush armature shaft and/or brushless rotor. Check endplay and shaft extension. Final test and pack motors for shipment.  

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Reference number US_EN_99_025273_420731