Assessment Assistant

These temporary employees would need to own various aspects of the forms construction/production for both paper and online, including online accommodations. Tasks include but are not limited to: marking up passages and items for rekey, text out of graphics, and variants and QCs them edits applied by TCAs working with ED and TPS on composed pages completing content reviews of composed pages apply client edits to composed pages providing accommodations for online panels and forms, which including finding images, managing/tracking permissions and art, applying edits from client review working with TCAs, ATF, and Editorial to ensure accommodations are applied verifying accommodations and TTS post authoring performing certification reviews of online panels and accommodated test forms maintaining supplemental materials, including PDFs, comment logs, and form planners managing items, forms, and assembly units in the item bank and performing QC reviews passages, items, and forms assisting in making assignments to outside item writers and monitoring the completion of their work according to schedules and specifications reviewing passages and item sets in new development moving passages and items trough the item development process Looking for the following: 3 staff who are bilingual in grades 3 5 4 staff who have teaching experience in grade 3 8 3 staff who have teaching experience at the high school level Pay is $25/hour

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Reference number US_EN_1_115854_12005690