Auto Sorter

Auto Sorter Operator- Auto Sort operators operate hi-tech quality assurance equipment that uses cameras, computers, and automatic measuring gauges to perform final inspections on break caliper pins prior to them being shipped to Vico Customers.  The systems is automated, however operators are required  to perform mechanical changeovers on gauging equipment, interact with computer data in the form of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and perform initial manual inspections of each batch of parts.  The system will measure specifications to the micron and separate good parts from bad.  Operators then package good parts in totes, label totes,and then palatalize the totes for shipment.  At times operators may have to retrieve and dump parts to be sorted in the hopper at their machines, which will require the use of forklift. The environment will be clean and mostly free of machining oil found elsewhere in the manufacturing plant.  Operators will be on their feet for 8 hours but will have the ability to move around as they operate up to 3 machines  at the same time.  Operators will lift totes that weigh as much as 25lbs from a conveyor to an ergonomic lift table that holds plastic palletts.  This is basically a quarter turns process and will be done as the conveyor  is filled with full totes of parts.  All Machine downtime, changeovers, quality findings, and quality issues will be documented in daily production logs.
Must have good writing skillins and the ability to keep production logs.  Quality Control and customer service driven. Quality Control experience and/or a proven attention to detail.  Baisc Computer skills are helpful

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