General Laborer. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:ZODIAC CABIN ZODIAC NORTHWEST AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES 415 Riverside Road Everett Washington 98201 Custom Cabin & Integration division Position Title: Dcor Installer Organizational Unit: Operations Reports to: Production Supervisor FLSA Status: NonExempt Effective Date: 8/9/2018 Employment Status: Regular/FullTime EEO Code: Labors & Helpers Position Summary: The decor installer will use their strong attention to detail and ability to understand customer specification from drawings to apply dcorative material such as Tedlar, carpet,and/or tapestries to metal, composite and plastic aircraft interior parts. The employee would use different tools and adhesives to do this job. Key Duties and Responsibilities: Adheres to company specifications, work instructions, engineering prints and job orders. Clean panels in preparation for dcor application. Applies decorative material such as Tedlar, carpet and tapestry to aircraft interior parts per applicable specifications. Mixes and applies adhesive per drawing instructions as necessary for application of decorative material. Safely handles various regulated materials used in the process. General Notes: o Must carefully handle raw material and manufactured parts to ensure the integrity and quality is not compromised by handling. o Tasks may vary slightly based on products produced at division. Knowledge/Experience Must be at least 18 years of age. The Dcor Installer requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent Minimum 1 year of aerospace experience preferred Basic measurement skills using tape measures, scales, squares and straight edges Basic ability to use Microsoft software Mechanically inclined Skills/Abilities Able to communicate orally with others Able to perform basic mathematic calculations Able to use and understand basic units of measure Able to see standard color spectrum and patterns Understand drawings, specification and follow written procedures. Selfmotivated Attention to detail ZODIAC CABIN Zodiac Aerospace is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex including sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law. To Comply with Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, physical, mental, environmental, and other work conditions essential for the job are noted below. Specific codes are used to specify the frequency of such conditions or requirements. C = Constant or major activity (60% or more of work time) F = Frequent or moderate activity (2060% of work time) O = Occasional or minor activity (less than 20% of work time) N = Not applicable Physical Demand: Strength: (C) Standing (F) Walking (O) Sitting (O) Carrying, pushing, or Lifting Up to 50 lbs. (N) Climbing: Stairs Ladders Balancing Stooping: (O) Kneeling (O) Crouching (N) Crawling (O) Turning or twisting neck or waist (O) Bending at waist Reaching: (F) Handling objects (O) Fingering (O) Feeling (N) Throwing (O) EyeHand coordination (N) FootHandEye coordination Communication (verbal): (O) Ordinary Hearing: (O) Hearing Seeing: (C) Acuity Near (N) Acuity Far (O) Depth perception (N) Accommodation (C) Color vision (C) Field of Vision Physical Condition: Working Area: (C) Inside (N) Outside Describe: Manufacturing floor is ambient temperature. Temperature: (N) Constant cold (N) Constant heat (O) Changing temperatures (N) Humidity or damp Ambient : (O) Noise Unavoidable Hazards: (O) Mechanical (O) Electrical (O) Burns (O) Moving objects (N) Heights (N) Cramped quarters Atmospheric Conditions: (O) Fumes (O) Odors (O) Mists (O) Dusts (O) Oil / Grease (O) Dirt (O) Gases (N) Ventilation (N) Lighting (O) Protecting Clothing ZODIAC CABIN Mental Requirements of the Job: (C) Understand and carry out oral instructions. (F) Read and carry out simple written instructions. (C) Read work orders, scrap tickets, job lot tickets, graphs, logs, schedules. (N) Read and verify car numbers, alloy identities, etc. (C) Read and carry out complicated instructions. (O) Observe and read instruments, gauges, dials, etc. to determine operating conditions. (C) Read and interpret detailed prints, sketches, layouts, specifications, etc. (C) Identify and list production data such as quantities, pressures, alloys, operating conditions. (O) Prepare detailed records or reports such as inventory records, receiving reports, operating logs, lab analyses, quantities, etc. (O) Estimate size, form, quality or quantity of objects. (N) Estimate speed of moving objects. (F) Inspect, examine and observe for obvious product or equipment defects. (O) Inspect, examine and observe for product or equipment defects not easily identified. (C) Count, make simple arithmetic additions and subtractions. (F) Compute and calculate amounts of additives, results of tests, etc. (F) Use measuring devices such as tapes, gauges, rules, weight scales, where reading is direct and obvious. (F) Use measuring devices such as micrometers, calibrated steel tapes, calipers, etc. where precision and interpretation are required. (N) Make routine lab tests, such as titrations, specify gravity, etc. (O) Plan and schedule movement or flow of materials or products. (N) Operate automotive equipment such as autos and trucks. (N) Operate industrials trucks such as forklifts, flat beds, tractors. (N) Operate overhead cranes and hoists. (C) Use nonpower hand tools such as hammers, knives, etc. (O) Use hand power tools. (N) Set up and operate machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, saws, etc. (C) Assemble or disassemble objects. (O) Determine malfunctioning of units by observing. (O) Determine nature and location of malfunction. (O) Perform repair and maintenance of equipment. (N) Perform a journeyman craft activity. (N) Make adjustments to obtain specified operating conditions such as turning valves; switches; moving and setting controls; adjusting furnaces, pumps; etc. (N) Control activities of a single processing unit. (N) Control activities of several processing units. (N) Operate equipment requiring specialized knowledge of process. (O) Plan own work activities. (O) Plan work activities of others. (C) Direct work activities of others. (O) Coordinate work activities of others. (F) Train other workers. (O) Work alone. (C) Work as a member of a team. (F) Work without supervision. ZODIAC CABIN (C) Work with minimum amount of supervision. (F) Work under pressure. (O) Work rapidly for long periods. (O) Work on several tasks at the same time.

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