Formulation Assistant

Adecco, in partnership with a leading national customer, is currently recruiting for a Formulation Assistant to assist in the development and production of animal pharmaceuticals.


  • Formulation Assistant (FA) performs and participates in all Manufacturing, Raw Material Weighing and Sampling, Equipment Cleaning, and Tank Farm Activities associated with the Flammables Operations. This includes efficient process flow, documentation, line set-up, run, coordinating routine activities, and order completion.
  • Monitors, evaluates, and revises operational activities/processes to maximize safety, quality and operational efficiency. FA will accomplish this through coordinating and participating in safety checks and facility walk-throughs. Improvement opportunities will be investigated, documented, communicated and followed-up on daily with supervision and through face-to-face hand-offs with the next shift.
  • Troubleshoots by identifying and differentiating between equipment, process and control system issues. The FA will assist in UIR, component supplier quality deviation investigations by the immediate notification of Supervision and technical support and documenting the initial assessment/investigation and way forward.
  • Work is performed in strict compliance with Manufacturing and Formulation standards and all regulatory requirements. Batch records, line logs, maintenance logs, cleaning logs, in-process forms, etc., are reviewed and approved as the work is completed. The FA will ensure that correct documentation is available. Best practices, proper entries and corrections, and adherence to SOP will be modeled and reinforced by the FA.
  • Demonstrates skills in planning, integrating, managing and/or coordinating similar/related teams, and work processes to accomplish business goals.
  • Demonstrates skills in communicating effectively; facilitating trust and understanding; and developing, influencing and managing work, colleague and customer relationships. The FA will encourage open discussion and debate through consistent and timely communication with enabling groups (i.e., Formulation, Maintenance, Technical Support, Qualified Utilities, Quality Operations, etc.). Training in both one-on-one and group settings will also be expected.
  • Monitors, evaluates, and revises operational activities/processes to maximize safety, quality and operational efficiency. The FA will accomplish this by establishing, communicating and tracking daily production goals, effectively utilizing personnel throughout the entire shift.
Exhibit the following effective leadership behaviors:
  • The FA must do his/her part to enhance the effectiveness of the manufacturing team.
  • Communicates openly and honestly – consistently treat others with respect and dignity.
  • Create an environment where individuals feel valued, promote open discussion and debate without limiting the involvement of others.
  • Encourage contribution – hold individuals accountable for their actions to promote what’s “best for the business”
  • Accept criticism – develop the skills to listen to negative feedback without being defensive.
  • Skillfully manage meetings – Be able to state your own position without limiting other’s contributions.
  • Belief that everyone’s perspective is important for the right answer.
  • Encourage contribution, participation and new ideas
  • Reinforce positive interaction among colleagues and other shifts.
  • Anticipate change – a structure that will best utilize time and resources.
  • Seek better practices – always be on the lookout for what is important for ongoing success.
  • Recognize everyone can make a difference if given the chance to contribute.
  • Realize that improvement is a continuous process
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