Manufacturing Engineer

The purpose the Manufacturing Engineer role is to drive consistency and improvement in the execution of critical production tasks and processes, as well as the successful manufacturing launch of new products

New Product Manufacturing Deployment
Production Process Documentation
Internal Quality Improvement
Internal Delivery & Cost Improvement
Safety Improvement
Capital Equipment Deployment

New Product Manufacturing Deployment
Work with product engineering team from product inception to drive DFM (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
Determine storage requirements for all products and involve appropriate vendors in design process (Time Span: 1-3 months)
Based on product design, develop and refine assembly fixtures where required (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
Based on product design, develop and refine welding fixtures where required or beneficial (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
Working with machine shop team, develop and refine work holding for high volume parts (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
Based on production capacity, complete and assemble all fixtures, documenting all parts, design intent, and setup/usage instructions (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
Training of shop personnel (assemblers, machinists, welders, shippers) on the appropriate aspects of each new product so as to ensure accurate execution of specified requirements (Time Span: 1-3 months)
Perform time studies on the first 3 production runs of each component of a new product and determine the correct labor standard (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)

Production Process Documentation
Document CNC setups, offsets, tooling, and other critical job parameters (Time Span: 1-3 months)
Working with Welding Supervisor, create a database of all welding fixtures, design intent, and usage instructions (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
File ECRs to add fixturing to BOMs. Update all work instructions and setup sheets to include proper fixtures (Time Span: 1-3 months)
Create work instructions for assembly products (Time Span: up to 1 month)
Analyze and organize parts per Lean Manufacturing principles (Time Span: 1-3 months)

Internal Quality Improvement
Assures product and process quality by designing testing methods, testing finished product and process capabilities, and establishing standards to confirm and validate manufacturing process requirements. (Time Span: 1-3 months)
Determines root cause of failure using statistical methods (e.g., design of experiment, SPC) that may result in changes in design, tolerances, or processing methods. (Time Span: 1-3 months)

Internal Process Improvement
Identify areas of systemic issues or significant opportunities and work with the area supervisors to prioritize them. (Time Span: 3 months – 1 year)
Develop and evaluate new processes and improve current process capability, efficiency, and overall productivity in all areas of manufacturing on new and existing products. (Time Span: 3 months – 1year)
Refines and enhances processes by applying continuous improvement and key lean manufacturing / production principles and techniques to areas of production. Recommends product changes / improvements to Product Engineers. (Time Span: 3 months-1 year)
Maintain timelines and schedules for all process improvement projects (Time Span: 1 month-1 year)
Improves manufacturing efficiency by analyzing and planning workflow, space requirements, and equipment layout. Coordinates input that may cross multiple teams or areas; makes recommendations, and implements changes. (Time Span: 1 month-1 year)
Apply working knowledge of machining, welding, and assembly processes to reduce production lead time, improve safety, productivity, and quality, and reduce production costs.

Safety Improvement
Wears PPE as outlines in Sonny’s PPE policy (Time Span: 1 day-1 week)
In conjunction with Safety Manager and Supervisors, develops safety policies and procedures (Time Span: 1 week-3 months)
Identifies and corrects unsafe work conditions and reports them to the Safety Manager (Time Span: 1 day-3 months)
Implements safety improvements or initiates as defined in safety committee meetings (Time Span: 1 day-1 year)
Identifies ergonomic challenges and opportunities to ensure and improve safe working environment for all employees (Time Span: 1 month-1 year)

Capital Equipment Deployment
Evaluates capital equipment investments and prepares cost justifications. Manages the overall implementations of capital equipment projects. (Time Span: 1 month-1 year)
Develops innovative solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing production problems through identification and implementation of advanced manufacturing processes including conducting process analysis, applying knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, and materials, conferring with suppliers, and soliciting observations from the operators/production technicians. (Time Span: 1 month-1 year)

Education and Formal Training:

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering required
Certifications (PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Certification, etc.) preferred.


7+ years experience in an industrial manufacturing environment

Requirement: (No Exceptions)

Possess theoretical and hands-on knowledge of CNC Machining, MIG/TIG welding, and Assembly
Capable of troubleshooting CNC programming, tooling, and fixturing problems
Capable of troubleshooting robotic welding programming, tooling, and fixturing problems
Experiene with CAD/CAM software
Experience operating in a Quality Management System
Experience with Lean Manufacturing principles

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