Master Technicians A & B levels

Job title: Technician Master, A & B Level

Job Purpose Statement

This position is responsible for the Service, Repair, Evaluation and Refurbishment of Various Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and electrical system used on Vacuum Systems.

Reporting Structure

This position reports directly to the Supervisor.

The position of Technician Master, A & B with the company of FS Solutions includes but is not limited to the following:

Job Functions (Essential)

Component or System Evaluations and document findings in a written format.
Component or System Diagnostics and document findings in a written format.
Obtain necessary materials needed to complete the truck assembly.
Project planning ability (The Ability to comprehend the overall job, decide a general order in which the tasks will be accomplished so that the total down time is minimized.)
Read and follow Hydraulic, Electrical. and Pneumatic schematics.
Read and follow Mechanical or Fabrication drawings.
Read and Follow Written Instructions.
Comprehend and execute verbal instructions accurately and completely.
Retain knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Job Procedures, and Plant Rules.
Retain job related knowledge associated with common routine processes.
Retain information related to the equipment that you are assigned to repair. (Example; when you remove a component from the system you must be able to retain that you removed it so that it can be located and reinstalled by you).
Grasp and crimp wiring components.
Grip and manipulate hand tools to assemble all truck components.
Assembly of small parts.
Assembly of large parts.
Operate overhead crane system.
Assemble parts onto truck.
Lifting of parts to hold while co-worker utilizes tools to secure to the system.
Prolonged postures, bending, stooping, kneeling, walking, standing, pulling, tightening, squatting and potentially any combination of the previous functions while performing job tasks.
Prolonged use of creeper in supine position while performing overhead work.
Assembly of all major components of a Vacuum System.
Climb or work from Extension, Step and Straight Ladders, Work Platforms and various Truck Access Systems using one hand above the other and one foot above the other technique while maintaining at least a 3 point contact with the device.
Working from irregular surfaces that are up to 13 feet above ground level while wearing fall protection equipment and standing, squatting, kneeling, pulling, tightening and any combination thereof.


1. Any other activities requested and having similar job functions. Some Examples would include but not limited to painting, plumbing, general labor type work, general maintenance type work, cleaning, rearranging, stacking etc.

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