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¿ Follows paint production schedule to determine parts to load.
¿ Visually inspects and loads cabinets and other components onto automatic conveyor paint line in the prescribed manner for optimum coverage of finish.
¿ Pulls, tags, and stages parts from the RIP Area according to the material request sheets.
¿ Insure all parts are staged in the proper color row. Inspect parts in the staging area to verify that the proper identification (part number, quantity, color and destination) is present.
¿ Removes painted items and visually inspects for any defects and proper coverage.
¿ Stages all nonconforming material in the appropriate nonconforming materials area.
¿ Adjusts paint line speed after completion of interior white paint.
¿ Utilizes different protective supplies to make certain all parts delivered to the assembly lines are free of any dings / dents, scratches, and scuff marks.
¿ Delivers painted parts and kits to specified department or stores in designated racks.
¿ Hangs paint labels on line as paint colors change to notify spray finishers.
¿ Hangs kit labels on the line to differentiate parts for appropriate kits.
¿ Loads all parts requiring a second or additional coat of powder paint on the conveyor at the appropriate time.
¿ Conducts paint test on every color change for quality control, complete daily log and tags as needed.
¿ Uses small hand tools such as an Orbital Sander to grind rust areas as needed.
¿ Uses liquid spray paint to touch up defective parts as needed.
¿ Coats parts with powder paint in the prescribed manner in accordance with the cosmetic acceptance criteria.
¿ Checks spray gun adjustments such as air/paint mixture, pressure gauges, and fluid control.
¿ Receives instructions on parts to be painted and fills paint hopper with specified powder as needed, matching paint number with part number.
¿ Moves units or positions pieces manually or using work aids such as handtrucks or forklifts.
¿ Completes appropriate internal control documents.
¿ Troubleshoots work related problems by using technical expertise and input from other team members, Supervisor, Coordinators or Engineering team.
¿ Performs other duties, provides support and coverage on all operations on line as requested by supervisor. Cross training and flexibility required.
¿ Reorders raw materials and finished parts using the Kanban inventory system. Maintains Supermarket racks and inventory accuracy using the correct part numbers and bin locations.
¿ Maintains clean and organized work area that supports co-workers as well as safety, efficiency, quality and customer demands.
¿ Receives verbal instructions, reads production board or confers with Supervisor or Coordinators for instructions and priorities.
¿ Fully engaged, initiates activities that support department and team goals, suggests improvements in work methods and is actively involved with all of the team activities within the department.
¿ Supports Continuous Improvement, PPI and Lean Manufacturing initiatives.
¿ Trains and mentors new employees or transitioning workers in the area.
¿ Communicates effectively within cell or with other departments to relay key information. Open to and asks for suggestions and opinions of others regarding production issues and goals.
¿ Performs all job duties within ISO standards
¿ Performs all duties using required safety procedures and equipment according to company policies and practices.
¿ Performs all job duties consistent with the Code of Ethics and the 4-I Values, serves as a role model in the workplace.
¿ Participates on teams using Microsoft software for data analysis or presentations. Utilizes computer systems to check e-mail, complete on line training and complete PMDs.

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