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Answers common questions & helpful tips for the job seeker.


Our “Ask Adecco” series of videos are hosted live & recorded for later viewing, all with the goal of addressing your questions as a job seeker. In this discussion, we cover some basic questions with Adecco Staffing Branch Manager Jennifer Merida.

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Hello everyone and welcome to ask Adecco. This is a segment we're going to start producing an ongoing basis we're going to feature some of our professionals with the deco staffing other perspectives are opinions and their expertise when it comes to staffing and finding you a job where you can love what you do today we have Jennifer Morita and she is joining us from her to jacksonville adecco staffing branches the branch manager there and she has some great tips to give us today about really starting your job search and some things to keep in mind is that begins so we're offering advice you today with that being said please feel free to jump in and any questions to thread of this video or anywhere under on our Facebook page will try to get to those before we finish the video this morning and so here's here's a question we have the bat if you're looking to enter a specific industry or feel Jennifer what's the best way to go about doing so and honestly it's asking for advice I'm asking advice from you know that someone that could be your potential employer either the more you get to know someone and now you market yourself it could turn into where you would have potential position with this person so asking for advice that's the best excellent you we've spoken before you share that is important to also narrow your search while you're looking for a while you begin your job search what does that really mean to kind of narrow things and narrowing it down creating your own position knowing exactly what it is that you're looking for knowing the specifics of the job title that you want where you basically have the knowledge of business Gigi wants and creating that position for yourself that will help excellent how about timing was the best time perhaps to apply for a position is that even a factor it is actually I'm studies have shown that the best day to apply is on a monday and people are kind of doing things during the week employers are always looking first thing Monday morning for people that have applied to their positions some people wait till tuesday or wednesday but if you find money you tend to meet that that crowd that will wait later so the early word bird does get the word and I case there monday for sure good to note how important is organization to a job search can we just kind of jump into it to feed forward or is there a tactic to kind of keep yourself organized along the way organization is a big piece of it it helps if you have somewhere you keep a spreadsheet or a document where you have all references phone numbers email addresses so you have a go to where you can just go to you and that's better updated on your resume actually a good point also something that I work with our social media team something to keep in mind if you're a linkedin user is as you begin to build relationships I always a relationship feature on linkedin or you can keep notes within that environment and kind of keep track of conversation history that happens on the phone or through email and it's not tracking LinkedIn you can kind of keep whole system with the last topic of conversation was or some things you want to mention during your next chat together speaking of that type of social media player to a job search for a huge part into your job search anything that you even posed to your linked and on facebook twitter and people are always looking people are always looking at the person that would potentially higher so making sure that everything that you have on their super professional at all times I'm you would want anything on any of these sites that you know a potential or you did what that machine absolutely and a good idea to see Google yourself just right off the back see what pops up when you search your first and last name or a variety of ways to spell your name and almost every social network has a number of privacy features facebook is typically a more casual environment so if you want to ramp up the privacy there do so and then on Twitter and LinkedIn you can keep those more professional and keep those privacy settings more open to be discovered we actually had a question come in before today's video from rajesh he has a question we have to kind of refine this a bit his question was what opportunities are there for professionals who wish to embrace a fulltime corporate roll again my understanding is that he might have had a role the pathway to step away from that role for a time he's looking at more executivelevel roles though so I'm not sure his experience might support that but if you step away from a professional role how do you kind of reenter the job market how do you kind of speak to that lapse in time Eddie Eddie position yourself a little bit of everything that we just discussed will first thing starting off asking for advice I'm asking a friend you know former employer if the companies hiring together they know any corporations that are hiring within the level that this morning work and another thing would be for sure to think about going and you know that stocking route getting you know a temp job for time that could lead into something permanent with a corporation or you know that level that he would want to do something i'm back we'll get him some experience back on his resume that shows that he's been in that environment and he looking you know to move on further short also i would add beyond just having a past experience on your resume you can also through LinkedIn ask for recommendations from those past experiences to get more credibility and more about story to your work history on that can kind of speak for your future pursuits and see you and see what else we have any other questions on line been submitted so far we do have one question coming another question coming through our event or event invited and that was from Skye and her question is how can I be sure that i'm representing myself the best way to a potential employer got basically I every opportunity is an interview and that's from a phone call and email to your face to face interview with employer so the minute you get a phone call saying that they're interested in having to come in and face-to-face meet with him that conversation is an interview anything beyond that I'm email the way you communicate in an email make sure it's always professional because that again that's an interview as well I'm all the way up into the point where you have that face-to-face interview and also going back into the social media piece of it as well make sure there's nothing on social media that you would want to potential employers saying it's really good point today every touch point is part of the interview process I mean there's so much public information out there it's not like you walk in at a table and that's the only piece and consideration the interview process so excellent thanks for that question sky so that was a brief introduction we have at Adecco staffing we have a lot of professionals that have lots of great experience to share with you again we're going to continue this video series and we're gonna have also a job seeker help headquarters on our website very shortly is going to help you identify ways to kind of structure your job search to boost your profiles to make sure you put your best foot forward and we look forward to helping you we have one more we have a couple questions from there various people that's great we have a we have somebody you're looking for warehouse positions in Baltimore you're going to be also have a question from Susan looking to get me involved with the Renaissance program which is our mature workers program get there and jersey so a work based on the Jacksonville Jennifer you wouldn't necessarily be able to help them in this situation well what can people do we're looking for work or for anything as far as having the warehouse position yeah I know any sort of positions how people find jobs they can definitely obviously go to our website and and then that would get them in touch with the closest branch to their location you can type in your zip code and then you can see what positions that branch is offering planets whereas whether it's office you know anything beyond that level yes I was at search the opportunities in your area and then also you know create a profile submit your resume to different opportunities that peak your interest but also send a message to us on social through facebook Messenger we have a team is standing by ready to answer your questions and connect you with the local branch office someone like Jennifer who can help you in your market and the second question was about the woodworkers program right yeah it is generally the same kind of questions how they can get connected short yeah so connected us a nickel we will be providing these people with it somehow sure yeah if you have to ask the question even if we answered it will reach out to you individually and make sure you're getting the help you're looking for excellent alright well thank you for joining us for our first ask adecco live experience again we're going to be having more of these videos in the future we will also close this video we watch later but thanks so much for taking the time again where Adecco worker for you and we want to help you love what you do thanks for joining us.

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