4 Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Let's be honest - selling yourself to an employer in 45 minutes is enough to make anyone sweat. But there are three simple ways to overcome nerves: practice, practice—and you guessed it— practice. There is not a 100% correct way to answer any interview questions, but most employers can 100% know if you’ve prepared for the interview or not. Worry not, were here to help. Below is a starting point of the most commonly asked interview questions with prep tips and sample answers.

Ask your recruiter, your spouse, a relative, a friend—anyone you trust—to do some mock interviews with you and give you their honest feedback. Then download our Job Seeker’s Guide to customize the answers based on the job you are applying to.

Candidate getting ready and practicing for an interview

1. Why are you interested in the opportunity?

If you prepared for the interview well, you should know the company’s basic values. Find a way to connect your values to the company, be explicit and honest. State their values, and then move into how you admire and act on that value in your career. You can then move into how you think this value furthers your professional goals.

Ex: I know that Responsibility is one of your core values, in the sense that as an industry leader it is your responsibility to provide more work opportunities for more people. I identify with that because I prefer to work towards a greater good. Providing work for everyone is a greater good, in my opinion, and will give me true purpose in this position. I further think that if I have purpose, my career goals will be even more satisfying as the question will always be – what more can we do, and what are we not doing that can be done?

2. Why are you the best person for the position?

Before you hit the apply button or sent that interest email, you went over the job description, right? There were descriptors that made you want to apply because you thought that’s what you want and can do…right? Great, there’s your answer. Cite the job description and information you learned from your research, and use real examples to demonstrate your ability and history of acting on that ability.

Ex: According to the job description, this role is based upon customer service. My career has always had a home in serving others and it’s what I know. Down to each step once you answer that phone, it all comes back to the customer. Answer with a smile and your patience bank open, if they don’t understand your answers to their questions you have to restate the question to see if you understand exactly what they are asking. I was glad to read that this job will involve tracking, in my previous experience it is when I had access to a strong, accurate database that I was able to best serve the customers.

3. What do you look for in a job?

Alright, see question 1 here. This is another chance to ring in the company values, but if you’re going to reference their values multiple times it’s best have multiple values in your pocket.

Ex: Like I had said earlier, I do look for a valued purpose in my job. Responsibility leads to purpose and in turn, leads to innovation. How can I best serve? Where are the kinks in the day-to-day of my job or in the organization and how can I improve that process or project? I like to take initiative, and I always hope I am encouraged to do so.

4. Why did you leave your last job? Why are you looking?

Be honest, but be tactfully honest. You want to stay away from negative and or emotional comments and focus on the future.

Ex. I am thankful for my time at my previous employer, but feel I have exhausted my learning opportunities. I am searching for a company where I can continue to learn from experienced professionals who can continue to develop and grow my skillset.

For more sample questions and access to our interview questions and answers worksheet, download the Job Seeker’s Guide.

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