Looking for the best seasonal jobs? Look into call center careers!

Find out why working in a call center is a great short-term job opportunity.

call center workers

There are many reasons to pursue seasonal jobs – maybe you are a student in between semesters, a retiree in between your career and retirement, or just need to earn some extra cash between now and the holiday season. Whatever your reason, there is one option that we think you should consider but that you probably haven’t thought of – working in a call center.

Why do call centers offer great seasonal jobs?

Compared with traditional short-term job options, like working in a restaurant or in retail, working in a call center can be much less stressful and much more rewarding Here’s why:

  • There’s little physical work required: You won’t have to carry heavy trays or stock shelves, and you don’t have to stay on your feet all day. The only thing you will have to pick up is a phone, and you can relax in a comfortable chair.
  • The dress code is usually casual: Though you will be interacting with customers, they won’t be able to see you. That’s why many call centers offer a casual and laid-back atmosphere.
  • You may be able to work from home: Many employers are shifting to virtual call center models, where a team of employees works from their own homes. This cuts down on travel time and makes it easier to pick up extra hours.
  • It’s a fast-paced environment: You’ll always have someone to talk to – a customer or a colleague – and you’ll be able to think on your feet to come up with solutions to questions and challenges.
  • There’s great pay and career potential: Call center representatives earn a competitive salary, especially when compared with other part-time jobs. On average, entry-level call center representatives earn $30,496. Plus, call centers tend to promote from within, so if your seasonal job turns into something more permanent, you can take advantage of great growth potential and salaries – a call center manager earns an average of $81,145 a year.

What makes a good call center employee?

If you've ever needed to contact an organization's call center, you know your experience depends heavily on the type of person you talk to. A good call center employee is, above all things, friendly, professional and customer-focused.

You should be articulate and well spoken — no one likes to phone into a call center and be unable to understand the person they're speaking with. Call center employees should also be comfortable reading naturally from a script — or memorizing certain call flows — to ensure each caller has a positive experience. People communicating with a call center employee have needs they want fulfilled as quickly as possible, and call center employees are encouraged to complete their calls within a certain window of time for maximum efficiency.

On that note, call center employees need to be good at managing their time and able to work independently. (You'll have managers or supervisors, of course, but you won't be watched like a hawk.)

Where can you find seasonal call center jobs?

You'll be surprised at all the places you can spot call center job opportunities once you start looking for them! College job bulletin boards, local newspaper classifieds and Craigslist are all great places to look for seasonal call center work.

And, of course, staffing companies like Adecco also frequently have seasonal call center positions available for qualified candidates. If you're interested in these opportunities, check them out today!