Pay & Benefits

Wait. The temp jobs come with benefits?

That’s what we said. Look, here’s how it works: you get a temp assignment with us and – boom! – you have access to an affordable group preventative medical coverage plan. Just like that. Not to mention the 401(k) and the skills training and the…well, just check out the full list below.

Questions about your paycheck?

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Benefits of our temp jobs

  • Direct deposit
  • Free career counseling services
  • 401(k)
  • Select paid holidays
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Skills training
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Affordable medical coverage plan
  • DailyPay offered in many locations

Now, how do you want to get paid?

You can sign up for direct deposit. Or you can try our Money Network Voluntary Debit Card Program. Each has its advantages, but it really depends what's right for you. Just ask us for an Easy Pay Authorization form to get started.

Internal Jobs with Adecco Staffing, USA

Benefits of Direct Deposit

What’s not to love about direct deposit? You pick an account – checking or savings – and your funds go directly into it on payday. And that's it!

  • It’s way more convenient and secure than a paper check
  • Some banks even give you free checking or reduce your account fees if you use direct deposit
  • As soon as your bank gets the funds, you can use them immediately (just check with your bank to make sure the funds were deposited before you start spending them – we’re not responsible for any overdrafts)
Internal Jobs with Adecco Staffing, USA

Benefits of The Money Network Program

This is a really convenient option, too. Basically, you get a debit card and your funds are automatically deposited on it every payday. Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • You can get fast and easy access to your pay either through the Money Network Voluntary Debit Card Program or a Money Network Check
  • You can use your debit card to buy things online or in person
  • There are thousands – seriously, thousands – of no-fee, in-network ATMs and check-cashing facilities all over the country

Get started at or call 888.913.0900. Have a Bank of America account? Visit or call 800.845.8683.

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Oh, and your pay stub? You can get that electronically, too.

We provide your weekly pay stubs electronically. You’ll automatically get an electronic pay stub, but even if you live in Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon, or Puerto Rico, you may opt for a pay stub to be mailed.

Got pay stub questions?
  • Online: Log onto to review paystubs, W2s, and update contact information
  • Text: Message the last 4 digits of your SSN + 5-digit zip code to 904.323.3430 for basic payment information
  • Chat: Ask a live person your payroll questions from 7:30 a.m.–8 p.m. ET at or in the Adecco app
  • Call: Dial us at 866.528.0707

OK, let's talk about payday.

Your payday is almost always on the Friday following the week that you worked. That means direct deposit funds will be available on Friday. If it’s going to be on another day, we’ll let you know. Sometimes your timecard deadline will also depend on where you’re working, so check with us to make sure.

Still have questions about your pay?

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or use the MyAdecco app to chat with Support!